Monetize Your Blog

5 Reasons it’s Impossible to Monetize Your Blog

In today’s modern, web-oriented world, blogging is fast becoming a serious career option for many people. It’s flexible and can be worked on separately or with a day job (whatever suits you). Best of all, it lets you be your own boss. Many people leave their day jobs to focus completely on building their blogs. When making such a bold move, they usually have high expectations of earning a profit from their blog. However, most bloggers fail to make money from their blogs in at least the first two years. Some blogs go even further and never end up generating any substantial revenue. In this article, we’ll explore 5 big reasons why it becomes impossible for some bloggers to successfully monetize their blogs.
  1. They blog in the wrong niche: Not all ideas you have are worth turning into a solid, money-churning blog. Most bloggers pick any topic from the top of their mind and decide to make the best out of it.Sadly, however, the best of an over-used topic is usually below average in that particular niche. “Continental Food”, for example is not a good option for you if you’re an English literary major unless you have a huge passion for it. This is because there are already hundreds and thousands of writers who have more expertise in the subject than you do.What happens when you choose the wrong niche is that you are unable to create helpful content for your readers. They would lose interest once they realize they can get better, more updated information from someone else. If they’re getting the help they want from other bloggers in the same industry, they won’t read your blog. Another mistake that bloggers often make is that they place too much importance on what they’re passionate about. Instead of writing something that can make them some money. Yes, this is somewhat straight forward but it’s important to understand.  There are some topics that simply make a more profitable business than other topics. Choose a topic which you know has impact currently and can see it growing further in the years to come. Invest in that idea. It’s even better if you have a good amount of experience in that niche. This will enable you to put forward useful content that your audience would appreciate.
  2. Lack of sufficient traffic Sometimes, even after you’re putting out great content regularly, you cannot seem to monetize your blog. If this is the case, you might wanna look at another mistake that new bloggers frequently make.Most bloggers turn their focus entirely to their writing and forget the importance of marketing their blogs to drive traffic to their website. Not having enough traffic is one of the key reasons why blog monetization fails. You need readers to be engaged with your content in order to earn money.Usually, bloggers launch their products before even creating a base audience for that product to launch to. Building a reputation and good relationships with your readers and fellow bloggers is a crucial part of marketing your blog. It’s no longer enough to simply share your blog on your Facebook page. You have to get out there and make people like you and benefit from your advice and help. Then they would actually be interested in reading something you’ve written. Another helpful tip to increasing blog traffic is to have more than one sharing platforms. Adding the social media buttons on your blog also helps.
  3. They do not engage with the audience Passive readers are no good for a blog. You need active readers that participate in conversations. They share your blogs willingly on other platforms because the content is useful. These are the readers who will eventually buy your products.One factor that makes monetizing your blog difficult is that you don’t make effort to talk to your readers. Usually, when someone comments on your post, they’re helping you make your content better. Even if it’s to correct your grammar or a mistake you made.Instead of ignoring or worse, deleting the comment, talk to your reader. Thank them for helping you and listen to their suggestions. Even if you have a couple of dedicated readers that comment on your posts, they can help take your blog forward. How do you build readership? And how do you make sure that you’re engaging with your audience and giving them a reason to come back to your blog? Use the give and get rule. Start with social platforms like Quora or LinkedIn where you can become part of bloggers’ communities. Offer help to problems and take time to read other writers’ blogs and comment something appreciative. Take suggestions for your own questions and build relationships with people. Remember that those very people can turn into your readers and eventually improve your readership.
  4. Wrong targeted audience One thing that more than half the new bloggers overlook is the importance of the right audience. You cannot make the majority of your money selling home cooking eBooks to athletes. They won’t be interested in buying it.
You need to use the right marketing tools and engage in bloggers’ communities that come under your niche. That is what will drive the right traffic to your website. There are several ways to ensure that the right people are reading your blogs. Even before you start a blog, you need to put in effort to create a mailing list. This is a list of email addresses of people or influencers who might be interested in your work. Having a mailing list is a great way of getting word out about your blog. Try not to make your emails look like spam and always include links to your blog’s landing page. That way more and more people can visit it easily. Guest blogging for a related blog also helps build your own audience. Make sure you guest blog for the right people and impress their readers. Offer them great information, write in easy yet effective language and add a clear CTA at the end. They’d want the link to your website in no time.  
  1. They only use one method of blog monetization: Believe it or not, placing ads on your website is not the only way to monetize your blog. The web is crawling with lots of other ways you can make good money from your writing.These include affiliate marketing, guest blogging, selling your products, sponsored posts, email marketing, offering your services, and promoting yourself. Other options are promoting your or other e-books, using content lockers, hosting paid webinars and much more.Different ways of blog monetization vary in their effectiveness. But using more than more techniques can catapult your blog into generating handsome revenue. Give a few of them a try to see what works best for you. Monetization methods change and renew over time. This is due to a number of factor including Google rules/algorithms and audience preference. Keep up with the times and stay active in your bloggers community to know what the new ways of monetization are and if they can be incorporated into your plan.
If done right, blogging can become a great and even your primal source of a good income. The difference between a money-generating blog and a failed one depends on how patient the blogger is. Most people expect results too soon and are disappointed when they don’t get them. Others put in sub-par effort. Some have no direction at all and end up working too hard for too little gain. Choosing your way, planning your moves, adapting to circumstances and showing patience are the hallmarks of a successful blogger. All the guidance is there in writing. All you need to do is customize it for you and your blog.